The MV/LAIKA is a 34′ Bayliner 340SB Powerboat built in 2009 and sold as new in August, 2010.

We named our boat after our beloved Laika, a 13 year old Australian Shepherd. Laika, our dog, was named her after the first dog in space!

Laika, the boat, has two 260HP 5.0L Mercury engines connected to the Axius system. We’ve outfitted the boat with Garmin’s 740S GPS Chartplotter and 18HD Radar dome. A Standard Horizon GX2100 w/AIS VHF radio connects directly to the Garmin. A firmware upgrade in April 2011 added Skyhook to the Axius system.

We sold the MV/LAIKA in 2014 when we acquired the KAYLA, named after our new Aussie. We’ll continue to post here as we continue our exploration of areas throughout the Pacific NW.

3 thoughts on “MV/LAIKA

  1. I just had to email you because of a few interesting co-incidences. First of all I have talked to Marty at Three Sheets NW, he has posted some of my blogs, he is a nice guy.
    We are from the Vancouver area and it looks like we have just sold our 27ft Bayliner and our interested in a bigger boat which is located at Lake Washington. My husband John thought we should look up how to get thru the ‘locks’ and out to sea, should we buy this one, so I start looking up Lake union locks, and lo and behold your blog article comes up with interesting info and links to more information. Very helpful, I thought to myself. As I’m looking at your photo in the top right I thought wow that looks like a 340. I went to your home page and sure enough it is.
    Well the boat that we would like to purchase is a Bayliner 340, we are coming down on the weekend to look at it. Another coincidence, we have an Aussie named Daisy who is 8yrs old.
    Too funny!
    So I hope you are enjoying your boat, we are pretty sure it is the right boat for us and hope this one in Seattle will check out all right. I will definitely be reading your blog. Any advice or info would be much appreciated.
    Hope to hear from you,


  2. Hello,
    We wanted to let you know that we purchased the MV / Liaka from lake Union Sea Ray and are taking delivery of her this weekend. We are excited about owning this boat and hope to continue here enjoyment for many years. We will be mooring her at friday Harbor for the Summer. When we purchased the boat we were not aware she had Auto Pilot, we will be testing her out Saturday morning.


    • I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment about purchasing our beloved LAIKA earlier! In fact, someone from Lake Union Sea Ray had seen it going through the locks and sent us a picture. I didn’t try to find out the name of the buyer from them because I knew it would be customer confidential information.


      I think you’ll love the boat. We did! I think, too, you’ll appreciate the electronics. I’m guessing, by now, you’ve become familiar with everything aboard – the chart plotter, radar, AIS functionality and auto-pilot. AXIUS is an amazing technology and helped my wife and I command an otherwise large and complicated vessel.

      Perhaps we can meet up at Friday Harbor this summer.


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