First cruise of the summer and a submarine encounter

We headed out from Lake Washington toward Lake Union, the Ballard Locks and Bainbridge Island on the first, official, day of summer. Weather was partly sunny (is this the only part of the country where we say that?) and warm (mid-70s).

Encountered some massive, low-frequency waves from a passing tanker that had our boat pitching rather dramatically. Slowed down quickly to avoid going airborne!

On our way back from Bainbridge Island, heading toward downtown Seattle, we encountered something we had never, ourselves, witnessed before – a submarine. Flanked by two Coast GuardĀ vesselsĀ it was heading South toward Tacoma. We didn’t try to get to close because of its protected perimeter and the fact that we were in active shipping & ferry lanes. Still, it was impressive to see it off in the distance.

Submarine in Puget Sound June 21, 2012